Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations

Mission and Vision

To unite, promote and support the IOC Recognised International Sport Federations, co-ordinate their common interests and goals while preserving their autonomy and promoting their values. To position the Association as one of the leading world-wide Sport Associations.


Expand the scope, reach and recognition of ARISF and its Members in the Olympic Movement and other sport organisations.
Engage with and service every IOC Recognised International Sport Federation.
Create a sustainable business and governance model and establish and promote global best practices.
Increase the sustainability and growth of ARISF and its Members.


In order to lay out how the strategic goals will be accomplished, the following action plan has been established.

Expand the scope, reach and recognition of ARISF and its Members in the Olympic Movement and other sport and non-sport organisations.

  • Elevate the influence and relationships of ARISF and its Members In the IOC and its Commissions.
  • In the ANOC, its Continental branches and in the NOC’s.
  • In Sportaccord and related organisations.
  •  In the United Nations and its organisations.
  • In Governmental and non-Governmental institutions and entities.
  • Act as a spokesperson of behalf of its Members: the sole collective representative of IOC Recognised International Sport Federations.
  • Develop the profile of ARISF and its Members.
  • Engage with and service every IOC Recognised International Federation.
  • Become the true link between all IOC Recognised International Sport Federations, pursuing its members collective direction through a democratically inspired decision making process.
  • Provide assistance to ARISF Members on sport development.
  • Diligently serve its members with integrity and transparency.
  • Strengthen the role of the ARISF as a service organisation, whilst increasing transparency and accountability of ARISF management
  • Create a highly motivated and focused Management Team using existing skills and competencies and complementing this with new expertise where and when required.
  • Ensure that the Management Team acts independently of political issues so that it can serve all ARISF members and stakeholders equally.
  • Define and agree an annual programme of activities for which the ARISF Management Team is regularly accountable for.
  • Identify and deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services to be provided to International Sport Federations thereby making the ARISF relevant to their activities.
  • Create Working Committees on key strategic aspects and give them the responsibility to make and implement decisions by involving the Member Federations in the process.
  • Help its Member Federations in their quest for inclusion in the Olympic Programme.
  • Work on enlarging the Olympic Programme with more sports/disciplines.
  •  Protect ARISF Members in Sportaccord and other Councils.
  • Establish an ARISF Convention to breed a new value proposition, renew the corporate image and allow ARISF to work closely with the IF’s for the revitalisation of our Sports.
  • Create a sustainable business and governance model and establish and promote global best practices.
  • Create a sustainable business model, a governance model, a communication plan, a sponsoring and marketing plan, a financial plan and eventually revise the Statutes to cope with the on-going changes.
  • Set up the organisation with its own headquarters in Lausanne, Swiss bank accounts, budget, staff and work plans.
  •  Increase the financial support of the IOC to be at least 5 % of the amount given to the Olympic Federations.
  • Increase ARISF’s activity support with greater professional staff support while continuing effective relationships with volunteers, members and collaborative partners.
  • Re-focus ARISF on its fundamental democratic values and principles to create a highly credible organisation devoted to serving its members and stakeholders.
  • Create a consensus driven decision making process which takes into account the views and concerns of all Members
  •  Ensure that decision making processes and procedures reflect the democratic values of the Members which cannot be usurped by short term political or commercial interests.
  • Establish the ARISF Code of Ethics in order to safeguard integrity and reputation of ARISF world-wide and ensure high ethical standards in order to foster a credible position as a world class leading sport authority.
  • Ensure independence of the Council and Management Team from any conflicting interests.
  • Foster a renewed emphasis on certain fundamental values such as trans-parency, fairness, due process and loyalty to our Institution.
  • Introduce useful global standards and guidelines for sport expansion and recognition.
  • Design and implement a focused value proposition, marketing and brand strategy for ARISF.
  • Ensure that the ARISF brand is properly recognised and understood and build greater understanding and use of the ARISF Brand.
  • Strengthen the Association on an organisational and financial basis, identify revenue opportunities and secure more financial resources.
  • Change perceptions about Recognised Sports Federations and existing stereotypes.
  • Enhance efficient structures to increase the ability to deliver.
  • Provide mechanisms to leverage the capabilities and resources of the Members across the global community.
  • Increase the sustainability and growth of ARISF and its Members.
  • Guide ARISF into the future based on increased stability, sustainability and growth through a constant focus on people and environmental awareness.
  • Provide increased support for successful programmes such as youth development schemes, thus broadening the participation base to develop young talents and creating a clear and defined pathway for progression into “senior sport classes”.
  •  Promote environmental awareness and environmentally friendly technologies within the ARISF and its sports so that the organisation can influence today’s environmental agenda and avoid unwanted restrictions imposed upon ARISF and its Members.
  • Leverage the asset/knowledge base built in cooperation with the ARISF Members.
  • Make safety and the preservation of the environment pivotal points of all ARISF sports.
  • Stimulate a wide participation and a continuous development of excellence in a safe and respectful environment.
  • Improve and adapt anti-doping rules and regulations on specific Federations needs avoiding ambiguities.
  • Develop synergies between International Federations and Sportaccord to create a mutually beneficial financial environment.
  •  Introduce multi-year plans and financial budgets and forecasts to underpin the organisation’s future activities.



ARISF believes in:

  • effective governance
  • tolerance and respect for all
  • ethical conduct and behaviour
  • equity through diversity
  • environmental responsibility
  • evidence based decisions
  • learning
  • friendship and camaraderie



We are frank and open, in our communication with full disclosure of information
We value the wealth of experience and knowledge each of us brings
We identify and address issues, problems and conflicts in a timely manner
We work towards the common good, while respecting our differences
We work together openly and in a collective spirit of good faith
We seek first to understand then to be understood; we listen carefully
We are accountable for and committed to our decisions
We support each other, respect diversity and encourage participation