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ARISF Member FISU opens Healthy Campus project to universities worldwide

ARISF Member FISU opens Healthy Campus project to universities worldwide

May 14, 2020

The ARISF Member International University Sports Federation (FISU) yesterday rolled out its Healthy Campus project to all universities, to help foster a healthy lifestyle amongst millions of university students across the globe.

The Healthy Campus project aims to improve the health and fitness of students across campuses worldwide, by providing a platform where universities can access a global network of information sharing, guidelines and best practices. Access to this platform is open to all universities through registration at where the journey to a healthier future can begin. Moreover, the use of .sport Internet domain name is a great example of a global sport’s governing body promoting a key project by signifying its membership of the worldwide sports eco-system.

In addition, FISU hopes that this project will act as a bridge between elite sport and the larger student community and enable the benefits of sport to be enjoyed by university students who are not elite athletes. This extension of FISU’s work has the potential to have a far-reaching impact on the lives of students and, subsequently, further help to lay the foundations for a healthier and more active society. With physical education continuing to decline in many national sports systems, it is increasingly vital to ensure that young people develop healthy and active habits while at university.

Throughout 2019, FISU ran its pilot version of the project involving seven universities from various regions in the world to methodically develop and define the criteria for attribution of the FISU Healthy Campus label. Staying true to the competitive nature of sport, universities will be able to achieve five levels of this label: certified, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. More information and scientific criteria on how to achieve this prestigious label can also be found on the FISU Healthy Campus online platform.

ARISF President Raffaele Chiulli said: “FISU’s mission is to help shape the leaders of our future through their university sport experience. It is critical to the future of sport that we have young people who value sport and physical activity. Thanks to FISU’s launch of the Healthy Campus project, a vital new tool is now in place to help achieve this across universities worldwide.”

FISU President Oleg Matytsin said: “Every year, under normal circumstances, there may be 10,000 or 20,000 athletes who participate in FISU events. But there are more than 150 million university students across the globe. Through the Healthy Campus project, FISU will provide a unique and very important tool to universities around the world as they work to improve the wellbeing of all students through sport and physical activity. The benefits of regular sport and physical activity are just as important for both elite and casual athletes.”