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International Wushu Coaches Training Course Successful

International Wushu Coaches Training Course Successful

April 10, 2015

From March 24 to March 31, 2015, the International Wushu Coaches Training Course (Guangzhou) was held in Guangzhou Sports Training and Technical College. The course was hosted by the International Wushu Federation, and the Chinese Wushu Association. A total of 58 coaches from 11 nations or regions, e.g. China, USA, Canada, South Africa, Russia, Hong Kong, Macao, Iran, Malaysia and Indonesia, attended the course.

The course content is on the new events newly included into the 13th World Wushu Championships (WWC). The coaches traveled far to Guangzhou and hope to train and improve their own athletes after accepting the course. The Chinese well-known wushu masters and professors were invited to give lectures at the course. During the period of the course for 6 days, the content of the course was rich with intense training, and the coaches made utmost efforts to learn and practice in the course. They grasped basic theory and skills of the four new events, e.g. Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Shuangjian and Dadao. Thanks for great harvest from the course, all of the participants were satisfied with it.

On the morning of March 30, the coaches took part in the intense examination. At the closing ceremony, IWUF Technical Committee Chairman, Mr. Wang Yulong expressed his gratitude to wushu experts for their wonderful lectures at the course. He also hoped the participants could further practice the basic skills learned in the course, and wish their athletes could perform excellently in 13th WWC in this November. Mr. Wang thanked the coaches for their efforts to the development of wushu worldwide. Chairman Wang Yulong also awarded certificates to every coach.