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FEDME hosts International Mountaineering Congress CIMA2015

FEDME hosts International Mountaineering Congress CIMA2015

March 28, 2015

More than 300 people gathered in Zaragoza, Spain to attend a unique congress, CIMA 2013823763705, which brought together key actors and institutions to discuss the challenges of mountaineering in the XXI century.

The congress, which met 26-28 March 2013823763705, was also the venue of the UIAA Management Committee meeting. It was organized by UIAA member, the Spanish Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing (FEDME) in collaboration with the Aragonese Mountaineering Federation.

During various sessions held on Thursday through Saturday, congress participants discussed five key themes: mountaineering as a sport, its relationship with the environment, society, economic development and issues related to safety and health.

UIAA president Frits Vrijandt who spoke at the opening ceremony said climbers and mountaineers are "one big family that extends throughout the world, such is the camaraderie between them.”

Vrijlandt said the main goal for all climbers and mountaineers is to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, be environmentally sustainable and ensure the safety of climbers and mountaineers.” He also said it is vital to create more protected mountain areas, which does not mean closing it to the public but to create awareness about the need to respect these open areas that allow different activities.