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Novara 2016: Celebrity and CPA Olot confirm the Gold Medal

Novara 2016: Celebrity and CPA Olot confirm the Gold Medal

October 10, 2016

Also the 2016 edition of the Artistic Roller Skating World Championships reached the end: even though Italy confirmed its egemony in the discipline, it is possible to notice an interesting trend in many Countries in both Europe and Asia, thanks also to the continuos job done by the International Federation in organizing Coaches seminars all around the world.
Without any doubt, the level reached this year on the floor is a concrete proof of what can be done when technical skills and coreagraphy run together in perfect harmony: we saw true athletes flying on the floor to reach the podium. A special thanks goes to the City of Novara and the great job done, confirming the great passion that ties this City and the world of the rollersports since quite a century.
Sometimes numbers could help to better understand a phenomenon: more than 500 hours on live streaming, around 25 hours live on RAI Sport, 35.000 people in the Pala Igor and around 400.000 visualizations from the web. This was possible only thanks to the fire that moves the athletes, the coaches and their family.
See you nex year in Nanjing for the first edition of the Roller Games.

1 Celebrity/Notturno ITA
2 RM/Seven Nations Army POR
3 C.P. Parets/Maria ESP

Large Groups
1 C.P.A. OLOT/Get me Out of here ESP
2 C.P.A. Girona/Midnight ESP
3 Diamante/Mother Board ITA